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If you are in the market to invest in commercial real estate in the Springfield, MA, region, do yourself a favor and connect with Boston City Properties. We maintain a massive online database of Massachusetts real estate listings. It includes up-to-the-second Springfield commercial real estate listings, so you can quickly see what is available. Access is provided for free; you just need to sign up using a simple online form. We provide an array of other services and resources to help make your commercial real estate investing experience as easy and successful as possible.

About Springfield Commercial Real Estate

With nearly 700,000 people in the greater Springfield region and more than 153,000 in the city itself, the area is awash with exciting opportunities for commercial real estate property investors. The Pioneer Valley and Hampden County in general are home to an eclectic array of businesses from many different sectors and industries. As a result, it is fairly easy to find virtually any kind of commercial property to invest in, including warehouses, office buildings, hotels and more.

If you have already decided to focus your efforts on Springfield, you don't need any more convincing. If you are still not sure about investing in commercial properties in this part of the state, keep in mind that when compared with areas like Greater Boston, property prices tend to be more affordable. Of course, rent rates tend to be lower, but the rate of return is still very good. Whether you want to buy commercial property in the city itself or in an outlying community, Boston City Properties has the resources and expertise that are needed to make your experience a positive one.

Advantages of Investing in Commercial Properties

When it comes to property investing, a lot more attention tends to be paid to residential properties than to commercial ones. It makes sense because residential properties are more accessible in that they tend to be far less expensive. However, the rate of return tends to pale in comparison to what you would enjoy from commercial properties.

A few of the top advantages of investing in commercial real estate include:

• More Dependable Tenants - Leases on commercial properties tend to have much longer terms than those for residential properties. Right there, that translates into less turnover and more dependability. Commercial tenants also tend to take much better care of their properties, as the condition of the property can make or break their business.
• More Flexible Lease Terms - Unlike residential leases, which are very constrained by consumer protection laws, commercial leases have a lot more wiggle room. It is therefore a lot easier to get terms that work for you.
• Less Stress - While buying commercial property tends to be more stressful than buying residential property, owning it tends to be less stressful. Property management firms typically handle the everyday aspects of keeping the place running, and most businesses close for the night. Therefore, the odds of being disrupted in the middle of the night are very low.

About Commercial Real Estate in Springfield

You may think that you have to be an expert about the Springfield commercial real estate market to break into it, but that's not necessarily true. Even if you lack this knowledge yourself, you can make up for it by connecting with Boston City Properties and other helpful resources. One thing is for certain: The metro region has all kinds of opportunities for investors from all walks of life.

With more than 25 colleges and universities within 25 miles of the city, this region is often called the Knowledge Corridor. Several Fortune 100 companies are headquartered in Springfield, and the economy is robust. The top industries include education and health services, tourism and hospitality, government and manufacturing. With so much diversity in the economy and job market, the region is bursting at its seams with great opportunities for savvy real estate investors. By working with Boston City Properties, you will be able to make the most of those opportunities.

Advice for Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Unless you already have a good amount of experience with investing in commercial real estate, you're probably going to need to study up about how to engage in it successfully. Without question, it is intimidating to break into this type of investing for the first time. If you have only invested in residential real estate, or if you are entirely new to this type of investing, it's normal to feel completely out of your element. However, don't let that stop you from giving it a go--there are so many great reasons to do so that it would be a shame to miss out.

As you look for Springfield commercial real estate, Boston City Properties can connect you with experts who can guide you along. However, you should get your bearings first. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling:

• Don't Limit Yourself - You may have been told that certain types of commercial real estate are best for investors. However, the ideal type of property varies considerably depending on a host of factors. With that in mind, it pays to branch out and to explore many different opportunities early on. Look into hotels, office buildings, multifamily properties and other types of properties to figure out which ones suit your needs the best.
• Learn the Lingo - You'll need to take a completely different approach when determining whether or not a commercial property has potential. Unlike with residential real estate, factors like cap rates and net operating income come into play. To the uninitiated, these and other terms can be pretty intimidating. If you can, find someone to mentor you--and definitely take full advantage of the assistance that is provided by Boston City Properties.
• Get Financed First - You can easily end up wasting a lot of time by not lining up financing first, so get that squared away as soon as possible. With financing in place, you will be taken seriously when making offers and the like. More importantly, this approach will help you to find the right property more quickly, as you will know exactly where you stand.
• Plan for the Future - Naturally, a property inspection will be performed before closing. Make sure to use a dependable company to perform the inspection, and carefully consider what kinds of expenses you can expect to deal with in the years ahead. For instance, if the property will need major work soon, it could negatively impact your ability to make money.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Boston City Properties is here to help you find the right commercial real estate in Springfield for your investment activities. First, when you complete and submit the simple form on our site, we'll give you instant, free, unlimited access to our searchable listings. You can select Springfield or another community from the metro area from the list to restrict your search to that area. Search filters let you zero in on properties that suit your needs in terms of price, size and other variables.

We also have connections with experienced and talented commercial real estate agents in and around the greater Springfield area. After using our database to identify promising properties, contact us to be connected with an agent. They can take you to check out properties in person, get answers to any questions that you may have and even guide you through negotiations and closing. With all of these resources at your disposal, there is no reason to ever go it alone when looking for prime investment opportunities in this part of Massachusetts. For more information, please contact Boston City Properties.


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