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South Shore Commercial Real Estate Listings

Are you looking for up-to-the-second real estate listings for commercial properties in Massachusetts' South Shore region? Boston City Properties has you covered! We maintain one of the most exhaustive online databases of searchable Massachusetts real estate listings around. It includes continually updated listings for commercial properties like hotels, office buildings and warehouses throughout the South Shore. We'll give you free access immediately; just complete and submit a quick, easy form to get started.

About South Shore Commercial Real Estate

Massachusetts' South Shore region is generally defined as the area that extends south and east from Boston toward Cape Cod. It runs along the coast, and many of its communities are located on Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay. The towns and cities of this region have many diverse economies, with many being centered around manufacturing and industrial and others revolving more around retail, health care and technology. Thanks to the diversity of this region, there are many exciting commercial real estate investing opportunities--and Boston City Properties can help you identify the most promising ones.

Why Invest in Commercial Properties Here?

Because it is within such a short distance of Boston, you may be thinking that you are better off investing in commercial real estate there. There are many great opportunities in the city, of course, but don't rule out the South Shore. Commercial properties here tend to be more affordable, but they still tend to appreciate well from year to year. Throughout Norfolk and Plymouth Counties, you will find numerous communities with strong economies and plenty of options for investors of all kinds.

Advantages of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

If you've never invested in commercial real estate, you may be uncertain about whether or not it is worth your while. There are actually many distinct advantages to investing in this type of real estate, including:

• More Stability - Commercial real estate leases tend to be for much longer periods of time than "standard" leases. Some extend out to upwards of 10 years or longer. Commercial tenants also tend to stay put longer, whereas individuals tend to come and go quickly from single-family properties and the like.
• More Income Potential - You stand to make far more from a commercial property than from a residential one. On average, you can expect an annual return of around 1 to 4 percent of the purchase price on residential real estate while you will get an annual return of 6 to 12 percent with commercial real estate.
• Less Hassle - Although owning a piece of commercial real estate sounds complicated, property management companies and LLCs usually take care of the day to day stuff. Besides, commercial properties are usually only open during regular business hours, so the odds of having to deal with anything in the middle of the night or at another strange time are low.

About Commercial Real Estate in South Shore, MA

The South Shore is home to an eclectic array of towns and cities. Stretching across parts of Plymouth and Norfolk Counties, this region boasts everything from rural areas to suburban towns to industrial cities. In places like Cohasset, Braintree, Plymouth and Quincy, you can take your pick from many different types of commercial real estate. Whether your interests lie in industrial real estate, warehouses, hotels, retail, office space or another sector, you can be certain of finding something suitable without too much trouble.

Since the region is so large, it helps to zero in on specific communities when searching for commercial properties to invest in. If you aren't already familiar with this region and its communities, take some time to research them. If you already have specific types of commercial real estate in mind, you should be able to identify the most promising areas. Boston City Properties has connections with skilled commercial real estate experts throughout the South Shore, and we can put you in touch if you need additional information or guidance. With their insider's knowledge, identifying the most promising opportunities will be a snap.

Tips for Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Many aspects of investing in commercial real estate are much better than investing in residential properties, but there is quite a bit of a learning curve for those who have never ventured into this territory. The top tip of all is to connect with Boston City Properties for access to our listings and support. However, there are many other things to keep in mind, including:

• Learn to Identify Promising Opportunities - If you already invest in residential real estate, you may think that you know how to identify promising opportunities in the commercial sphere too. However, it's a completely different thing, so it's crucial to get up to speed about the most important aspects of it like cap rates and net operating income. These and other factors affect whether or not a property is worth your while.
• Get Financing Out of the Way First - As with buying residential real estate, it pays to have financing taken care of before truly searching in earnest. Otherwise, you could accidentally focus on a property that is beyond your financial means. Keep in mind that you will need a larger down payment than you typically do for residential transactions.
• Think Ahead - When assessing a commercial property, consider what kinds of work and upgrades it will need in the next five to 10 years. If anything major needs to be worked on or replaced, include those costs in your long-term budget, or you could end up losing money instead of making it.
• Branch Out - Like most investors, you probably have a comfort zone. In fact, simply breaking into commercial real estate may be a big, nerve-wracking move. You may feel like selecting a certain type of commercial real estate to focus on from square one, but the best way to go is to explore many different types of opportunities. You never know which niche will fulfill your long-term goals the best, so take some time to consider plenty of different options.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Boston City Properties is the authority when it comes to South Shore commercial real estate listings. If you are searching for commercial real estate to invest in in this part of the state, do yourself a favor and connect with us. First, sign up to gain immediate, free access to our searchable database of continually updated MA real estate listings. Just complete and submit a form to get started.

Our search tool makes it easy to identify promising commercial properties around the South Shore and throughout Massachusetts. You can select the precise towns and cities where you would like to focus your search, and you will find many South Shore communities on the list, including Weymouth, Plymouth, Quincy and Cohasset. There's also a filter that you can use to narrow things down even more to ensure the most relevant and useful results.

The assistance doesn't end there. As mentioned previously, we're connected with talented and experienced commercial real estate experts throughout the South Shore region. When the time comes, contact us to be put in touch with one. They can help you to identify the most promising opportunities based on your specific goals and objectives. They can also arrange visits to properties on your list and assist you with negotiations and more. In the meantime, remember that the team at Boston City Properties is here to lend you a hand when you need it. Get in touch with us today for further assistance.


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