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Cape Cod Commercial Real Estate Listings

Finding prime Cape Cod commercial real estate to buy or lease doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. Although purchasing or investing in commercial real estate differs considerably from dealing with residential properties, it is still accessible even to those who have never done it before. That is especially true when you avail yourself of the considerable resources that Boston City Properties has to offer. From our extensive database of MA real estate listings to our connections with experienced commercial real estate agents on Cape Cod, we have you covered.

About Cape Cod Commercial Real Estate

Given that Cape Cod is best known as a vacation destination and that its economy primarily thrives on tourism, commercial property investors often overlook it when seeking new opportunities. However, there are plenty of great options all along the Cape for savvy investors. From the Cape Cod Canal to Provincetown, you will find a wide array of commercial properties.

The landscape here is undoubtedly dominated by hotels and other commercial properties that serve the tourism and hospitality industries. However, in many towns along the Cape, you will find everything from retail stores to office buildings to warehouses. The trick is having access to timely, accurate information--and that is what you will get when you sign up for free access to Boston City Properties' searchable listings. In a heartbeat, you will be able to see current availability for commercial real estate that is for sale or for lease across this part of Massachusetts, including not just the Cape but outlying islands like Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket as well.

Advantages of Commercial Real Estate Investing

If you are unsure about focusing on commercial real estate on Cape Cod, you may not be up to speed about the top advantages of investing in it. They are considerable, so it pays to understand them.

Some of the top benefits of investing in commercial real estate include:

• Excellent Income Potential - People invest in real estate to make money. While residential properties are more affordable and accessible, they produce an annual return that is around 1 to 4 percent of the purchase price. Meanwhile, commercial properties offer an annual return that's equal to 6 to 12 percent of the purchase price. You do the math!
• Limited Hours - If you've ever managed residential properties as an investor, you know how disruptive it can be. People live in their homes around the clock, so it's not unusual to be contacted at all hours of the day and night. Commercial properties typically shut down over night, so there is less risk of that.
• Better Lease Terms - Another major advantage of investing in commercial real estate is that tenants typically sign leases with much longer and more flexible terms than those that you will find in a residential real estate setting. Leases tend to be for multiple years at a time, for instance, and they are subject to far fewer consumer protection laws.

About Cape Cod Commercial Real Estate

Like many people, you may have initially ruled out Cape Cod as a place to find commercial real estate since it tends to be far less developed than many parts of Massachusetts. However, you are missing out on many prime opportunities. Particularly in the Lower Cape, you will find towns that have plenty of commercial properties that are up for grabs. On the Upper Cape, you'll find tons of hotels and other properties that draw in major income for investors.

Although it can be difficult to break into commercial real estate investing since properties cost so much more, the payoff tends to be well worth it. On Cape Cod, investors tend to do quite well with properties in the hospitality and tourism industry. Investing in a single good hotel can be the beginning of a very lucrative property investing experience. When compared with prices in Greater Boston, properties here tend to be more accessible to a greater variety of budgets, so it may be easier to break into this type of investing by focusing your efforts here.

Commercial Property Investing Tips

Whatever your level of experience with commercial real estate investing may be, it's always a good idea to brush up on some basic concepts before proceeding. If you are completely new to this type of investing, you face a bit of a learning curve. The team at Boston City Properties can help to make the experience a lot easier. In the meantime, study up about some of the especially unique aspects of investing in commercial real estate including:

• Don't Rush - If you've been investing in residential real estate for some time, you may feel so comfortable that you may rush through the process of finding commercial real estate. This is a huge mistake. From the start, remind yourself that this kind of thing takes a long time. That's especially true when you are completely new to it. Don't make any rash decisions, and always consult with experts for guidance along the way.
• Learn How to Identify Prime Opportunities - The factors that make a residential property a good choice for investors differ enormously from those that make a commercial property a good choice. In many ways, assessing the potential of a piece of commercial property is more complicated. You have to take things like cap rates and net operating income into consideration, and that can be very confusing to the uninitiated. Take some time to learn about these factors to ensure that you make sound decisions.
• Mix it Up - You may think that it is best to focus initially on a single type of commercial property. However, if you are new to this, there's no way of predicting which property types will help you to achieve your goals. Therefore, don't rule anything out right out of the gate. Be open to many different possibilities. You never know--something that you'd normally never consider could end up being a huge source of dependable income.
• Look Ahead - Finally, be exceptionally mindful of the results of the inspection that is performed on any property that you are considering. The cost of upgrading major systems and components in a large building are far greater than those in a single-family home or something similar. Without being careful, you could end up with a property that needs a ton of expensive work early on, and any profits that you were hoping to enjoy will be ruined.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Boston City Properties is here to help you make the most of your Cape Cod commercial real estate investing venture. No matter what your level of experience may be in this area, we are confident that our advice, resources and connections will serve you well. Complete the simple form on our site to get instant, free access to our searchable listings. Select Cape Cod from the list of locations to limit your search to the region, and apply search filters to narrow things down based on price, square footage and more.

Once you have narrowed things down to a manageable list, contact us. We will connect you with an experienced commercial real estate expert on the Cape who can assist you further. They can line up visits to properties on your list and get answers to any questions that may pop up along the way. Down the road, they can also assist you in negotiating a great price for your Cape Cod commercial property, and they can guide you all the way through to closing. We are always here to help too, so contact Boston City Properties today.


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